Green Product Reviews Website


Huddler is a new product and review community website. As described from the beta site, Huddler will be a vibrant group of connected communities, or “Huddles”, each with a unique focus. Huddles will be centered on Home Theater products, Digital Photography, Skiing, Parenting and any other interests that you suggest to us. We plan to have more than a dozen by the end of the year. In each of these Huddles, users can:

  • Write product reviews
  • Track what they own and want to easily find others with similar interests
  • Participate in our custom built discussion forums
  • Create/edit wikis on a myriad of topics
  • And a variety of other features all tightly integrated like no other site online

The first focus of Huddlers is on green products for the home and is encouraging people to submit reviews of things such as appliances, lighting, plumbing fixtures, cleaning products, to cars, paint, and anything else that you would want to have a review for. You can leave a feedback as well as rate the products and add a new one if it does not exist yet. The interface of the reviews and products look pretty friendly and easy to navigate. There is also a discussion forum section for green products that has been fairly active for a beta testing site. There is also a wiki section, which may not be as useful.

There are quite a few other websites for reviews. For green products there are a couple others and I will name two others. Sustainlane is a website specifically for green reviews not just for products but also have reviews for businesses, local restaurants, clothing, and more. GreenGuide is a site that has green product reviews, but it is not allow for customer reviews. GreenGuide also have a blog, tips, and articles, so reviews is not the main focus of the website. The good thing about Huddler is that the website is focused on products and is not locally focused. A bad thing may be that there are so many products that exist and to be useful, there have to be a decent amount of reviews for a product and that may be hard to fulfill. Currently, it does the job of listing all the products in each specific category.

If you are interested in getting a beta testing account, you can send an email to Cristina Foung at